Question and Answer Section

Here at Aveley Lodge, we completely understand the difficulty and the many decisions it takes when deciding whether it is the right time for yourself or a loved one to move into a care setting. You will undoubtedly have many questions, so to make things just that little bit easier, we have complied a list of frequently asked questions. Of course, we cannot cover everything, so if there’s something you need help with, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our helpful members of the care team will only be too happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Can I visit to find out more about Aveley Lodge?

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions around the UK at this time and to protect our residents and staff, we are currently only offering short, guided external tours of our home and its facilities. To book a tour, please contact 01206 729304 choosing option 1 or email Tour slots are available Monday to Saturday between 10am and 3pm. Each 20 minute tour will be with either a member of management (if available) or a senior member of care staff, who will be able to answer any questions about life here at Aveley Lodge. We kindly ask for no more than two participants at any time. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the pre-booked appointment and telephone us on your arrival to let us know you have arrived. Please then remain in the carpark. A member of staff will then come and greet you in the car park to begin the tour. We ask you to explore our Website and Facebook pages as well and to contact either a Senior member of staff from the Care Team or the Registered Care Home Manger if you have any further questions. We understand this situation is not ideal but we are constantly reviewing the Government guidance so that we can change these arrangements as soon as its safe to do so.

Do you have a brochure about your care home?

We do indeed! Please “Click Here” to view & download our brochure in PDF format.

Will I or my relative be here for good, even if my/their needs change?

Every individual is regularly assessed depending on their needs. This will include involvement from GPs, health professionals and their family. If their needs change or our care home is no longer able to meet their needs, it may be that a different category of Care is required. But we will work with you every step of the way and make any decision together.

Can I try a short stay/trial period at Aveley lodge before I decide on long term care accommodation?

We fully understand how difficult it can be to take the decision to move into care on a permanent basis. Especially if this requires you to give up your own home. We can plan an appropriate time for you to stay, based on the availability of a vacant room you are interested in, usually for a four-week trial period. This will be charged at our current care rate and provides you with an ideal opportunity to see what it is like to live at Aveley Lodge.

Do you accept couples?

Yes, we welcome couples. You can either share one bedroom (where available) with room for a sitting area or have two single rooms. The choice is yours depending on room availability.

Will there be nurses on duty?

No. We are a residential care home, which means we do not employ nurses. However, we can accommodate for a wide range of complex needs and disabilities, and we do have access to G.P. Nurse Practitioners, District Nursing services and Single Point Community Care Team as required.

What steps do you take to settle a new resident in?

Our aim is to create a ‘home from home’ for all our residents and so our care team will work closely with you and your loved one to fully understand their complete wants and holistic needs. This includes devising an appropriate care plan to meet physical and health-related needs, through to understanding personal dietary requirements, likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. We also encourage residents to personalise their own space with furnishings, possessions and keepsakes that are important to them.

Am I able to have a telephone in my bedroom?

Yes, all our rooms are equipped with a telephone point, which means all you need to do is arrange for a telephone line to be installed to your bedroom with BT which you will be responsible for.

What are the main things I need to bring with me when I come to stay?

Any current medication in their original boxes, your personal choice of toiletries, your clothes (labelled with your name) and any other personal possessions you wish to bring. These items is all you are required to bring with you. You are not required to bring bed linen or towels as we provide these, however if you do wish to bring your own, you are more than welcome to as long as they are clearly labelled with your name.

May I bring my own furniture and valuables?

Yes, we actively encourage you to furnish your room/s as you wish, subject to any safety requirements. We supply all large items of furniture such as wardrobes, beds and chest of drawers and are happy for you to bring your own favourite items. For safety, we recommend that valuables are looked after by your family, solicitor or bank. If you do bring them into the home, we advise you to inform us immediately so that photo documentation can be undertaken, and we encourage you to take out personal insurance as we are unable to take responsibility for items valued over £50. We encourage residents to keep money in a bank or building society account rather than in the home however, we do provide secure facilities for “pocket money”.

What about my laundry?

We have an on-site laundry room, and our staff will do your laundry for you. We ask you to label all your clothes clearly to ensure they are returned to you on a daily basis. We also suggest you do not bring delicate clothing or articles that need dry cleaning as we do not have the facilities to deal with these.

May I smoke?

Yes, but not inside any part of the care home itself or any of the private bedrooms, which are all designated as ‘non-smoking’ areas. In order to comply with the relevant fire and safety legislation, we ask that residents and visitors alike smoke only in the designated smoking area outside. Our staff will be happy to show you where this is located.

Can I bring my pet with me?

We are a pet-friendly home so clean and well behaved pets such as dogs are allowed to visit. They are not allowed to stay permanently though as this would have an impact on our staff’s time and on the hygiene of the home as well as others living within the care home.

Do you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries?

Of course! We love to celebrate happy occasions and so birthdays and other celebrations do not go unnoticed at Aveley Lodge. We are happy to work with residents and their family members to organise events or parties to celebrate in style.

Are there set visiting hours?

Currently we are restricting visits due to the nationwide Coronavirus outbreak and have the following rules in place:

1)         All visits must be agreed and booked directly with either Mrs Philbrick our Deputy Manager and/or Mrs Warne our Team Leader.

2)         Visits can only happen on Monday mornings, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 10am and 11am, with a second visiting period of 1.30pm to 2.30pm on these allocated days. These visiting days and times have been carefully considered as to fit in with the ongoing daily operational activities within the care setting.

3)         Each service user is allowed one allocated visitor. This visitor must remain as the only visitor for that service user. This does mean, only one individual from the resident’s family/friends will be permitted. Each service user is allocated one visiting slot per week. This is to ensure all service users and their nominated visitors have fair access to the care home.

4)         As part of your visit, you will be required to have the NHS App on your smart phone. You will need this to scan our QR code, which is located on the main entrance door to the care home. This is a legal requirement as it enables us to comply with the governments “test and trace” scheme. Furthermore, you will be required to evidence this scanned QR code to the team member greeting you.

5)         All visits will last for 20 minutes. This is to allow time for change over and cleaning of the environment. Thus, allowing us to accommodate two visits in the AM slots and two visits in the PM slots.

6)         All visitors will be required to wait in their cars until their visiting time, and then contact the team via telephone to request entrance.

7)         All visitors will be required to follow full use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. Therefore, the use of a mask and hand sanitiser is compulsory. Furthermore, social distancing must be adhered to at all times. This also includes the staffing team.

8)         Temperatures will be recorded at the gate and recorded prior to entrance to the front courtyard being granted. Your temperature will be recorded by the staff team member at the time of admission.

9)         No paracetamol-based product can be consumed in the six hours prior to your visit, as this can help hide symptoms of COVID-19.

10)       Direct contact is not allowed at any point during the visit. If visiting individuals fail to respect and uphold the visiting rules, the visit will be terminated immediately, and furthermore, the visit will be suspended. We here at Aveley Lodge Care Home, fully understand this seems harsh but it is vitally necessary and is in line with the latest government rules.

11)       No personal items, foods or beverages can be passed to your relative directly. All items must be handed to a member of the senior team before the visit commences.

12)       Please ensure you keep your visit to a maximum of twenty minutes, as over running will impact on other visiting appointments. Moreover, if persistent, could result in visiting being suspended.

13)       If for some reason you are not able to attend the visit, please do contact the team with as much notice as possible so that your time slot can be reallocated to another individual.

14)       For the time being, all visitation will be conducted through the main dining room window. The visitor is required to remain behind the orange safety tape at all times.

15)       Once the new visiting room is completed, and the visiting rules change, your experience will be somewhat more comfortable, but until such time, please do continue to cooperate and support all our actions.

16)       If you do not feel the need to visit the care home, we would rather you where honest and stayed away to help us to limit the risk of exposure of our wonderful service users and staff to this potentially fatal virus. Please be aware, you may not know you have it and could be clear of all symptoms and yet still pass this onto another more vulnerable individual.

Can I continue with hobbies and activities that I already enjoy when I move into Aveley Lodge?

Yes of course. We also have an Activities Co-ordinator whose main role is to organise daily activities within the home and local community. When you come to live with us, we will spend time getting to know how you would like us to help you continue your current lifestyle and to live the life you want.

What happens if I go into hospital?

We will keep your room for you and ensure all personal items are kept secure. Fees will be payable as per the accommodation contract.

Can we take our relative out for the day / weekend?

Absolutely. Although we have an excellent activity schedule, we’re always looking to get our residents out and about. We always actively encourage friends and relatives to get involved too, so if they’d like to make their own plans, we’d always welcome and support them.

Are residents’ rooms cleaned every day?

Yes, they are, as well as all communal areas within the home.

Can I leave the home if I decide it is not for me?

Yes however 4 weeks written notice is required after the initial four-week trial period.

How do I get a place at Aveley Lodge?

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to request an E-Brochure from us and pre-book an external tour of our home as well as visiting our Website and Facebook pages to see what we have to offer. Please also feel free to contact our care team and Registered Care Home Manger on 01206 729304 if you have any questions regarding the Home or the room you are interested in. If you have already visited (prior to the Coronavirus outbreak) and would like to stay with us, then please call us on 01206 729304 option 1 to find out if a room is available. If we have no room available, we will ask you for some basic details to keep you on our waiting list. When a room becomes available, we will contact all interested parties on our waiting list and where interest is shown on a first come first served basis, a retainer fee is to be paid to hold the room for you. A detailed assessment will then need to be carried out on the individual/s wishing to stay with us prior to the main contract being signed to ensure Aveley Lodge’s suitability for both parties.