Wish Tree

Aveley Lodge’s Wish Tree

You will discover Aveley Lodge’s Wish Tree in the centre of our internal courtyard where it can be enjoyed in all weathers. The idea is for all resident’s to write down a wish that they would like to come true on a seasonal picture tag which is then hung from the wish tree for all to see and read.

Every few months, with the help of the local Community360 project, FaNs Network, staff at Aveley Lodge and family of individual residents, we endeavour to meet these wishes.

Aveley Lodge Wish Tree

Below is just some of the wishes we have received in the past:

“I would love to have a sweet tasting afternoon and sample all of the old sweets we had as children” Ms T

“I would like to visit the Tiptree Jam factory or garden centre and have a cream tea” Mrs P

“I would love to go to the Zoo” Mrs M

“I would like an Alpaca or Lama to visit me at Aveley and a chance to stroke it” Ms B

 “I would like to sit in the garden with lots of Spring flowers around me or to be shown how to make a Spring flower arrangement” Ms D

“I would love to have good old proper shop brought fish and chips in the old fashioned newspaper with bubble batter” Mrs H

“I would like to be able to go out for a walk somewhere nice with my family” Mrs W

“I would like to sit and watch the birds in the garden with my binoculars” Mr A

“I would like to see my daughter’s new house or see some photos of it” Mrs K

“I would like to have a go at Balloon modelling” Mrs D

“I would like a tribute act to perform for me and my friends” Mrs R

“I would like to see a bird of prey flying display” Mrs F

“I would like to sit in the garden on a sunny day, with my feet up, enjoying the sunshine with a glass of sherry” Mrs K

“I would like to sit and write letters to all of my old friends” Mrs D