Poems About Aveley Lodge


“Aveley Lodge”

By Mrs Maureen Davey (resident)

Aveley Lodge is a lovely place

No grumps, no tears, just a smiley face.

We do things we like the most

On activity days with Jackie our host.

We talk about days gone by

And over quizzes our brains do try.

We are settled here, no more to roam

Because this is our wonderful home.

The truth is we are happy here,

Not just a day but through the year.

Aveley Lodge Tree

“Aveley Lodge on its 30th Anniversary”

By Mrs Brenda Marriage & her family (Resident & Relatives)

Thirty Years ago today

Aveley Lodge opened its doors,

To welcome folk who needed help

Like my mum, and maybe yours.


On entering the building

A calm atmosphere you’ll feel,

A clean and fresh environment

And the welcome you get is real.


The staff are friendly and helpful

And really very kind,

If you have a problem

Just tell them, they won’t mind.


There’s lots of different activities

To exercise body and mind,

With music, movement and singing

Plus crafts of many a kind.


But nobody is forced to participate

To join in is the resident’s choice ,

They even hold resident meetings

So in their home, they have a voice.


The garden too is lovely

With vegetables and flowers,

The perfect place to go and sit

To while away the hours.


Many a person sings your praises

Your reputation is well known,

Praised by resident’s relatives

‘cos their loved one has a good home.


So congratulations Aveley

On your successes in the past,

Please maintain the standard

And long may Aveley last.

30th birthday banner