Poems About Aveley Lodge


“A Jubilee Poem for Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home


The 2nd of June 1953, Our Queen to be

Took the throne and bent her knee


The world watched on the BBC

Along with our Royal family.


People everywhere cheering, showing how they care.

Garden parties, the Big Lunch, celebrations everywhere!


Her Royal Kingdom loved by all,

Watching parades and flybys in the Mall.


A Derby, a concert, marching armed forces,

A real celebration, a gold coach pulled by horses.


Our Ruler, our Monarch, our Sovereign, Our Queen

A 70-year reign, a sight to be seen.


A Platinum Jubilee for Her Majesty

So, shout, clap and cheer LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!



“Aveley Lodge”

By Mrs Maureen Davey (resident)

Aveley Lodge is a lovely place

No grumps, no tears, just a smiley face.

We do things we like the most

On activity days with Jackie our host.

We talk about days gone by

And over quizzes our brains do try.

We are settled here, no more to roam

Because this is our wonderful home.

The truth is we are happy here,

Not just a day but through the year.

Aveley Lodge Tree

“Aveley Lodge on its 30th Anniversary”

By Mrs Brenda Marriage & her family (Resident & Relatives)

Thirty Years ago today

Aveley Lodge opened its doors,

To welcome folk who needed help

Like my mum, and maybe yours.


On entering the building

A calm atmosphere you’ll feel,

A clean and fresh environment

And the welcome you get is real.


The staff are friendly and helpful

And really very kind,

If you have a problem

Just tell them, they won’t mind.


There’s lots of different activities

To exercise body and mind,

With music, movement and singing

Plus crafts of many a kind.


But nobody is forced to participate

To join in is the resident’s choice ,

They even hold resident meetings

So in their home, they have a voice.


The garden too is lovely

With vegetables and flowers,

The perfect place to go and sit

To while away the hours.


Many a person sings your praises

Your reputation is well known,

Praised by resident’s relatives

‘cos their loved one has a good home.


So congratulations Aveley

On your successes in the past,

Please maintain the standard

And long may Aveley last.

30th birthday banner

“The Things I Will Never See”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home

I often think of the things I’ve done, and wonder what I’ve missed

Before I leave this mortal coil, here is my list

Upon a FLYING PIG I go, across the land and sea

I’m off to find an ALIEN, who will play with me

A DRAGON once I thought I saw, alas it wasn’t to be

It was just my father, as I crept in at half past three!

I wish I was a WICKED WITCH, hiding in a tree

Looking for a WIZARD who will marry me

In the springtime daffodils bloom Taking away the winter doom

EASTER BUNNY we hope will bring, a basket filled to the brim

As I lay in my bed, my dentures in a cup

The TOOTH FAIRY I am hoping, will wake me up

I definitely saw a UNICORN whilst going to the zoo

One horn upon it head it had, the others all had two

When I go out walking, by the lake and sea

I gaze upon the horizon LOCHNESS I want to see

And when the full moon rises, homeward bound I must be

In case I see a WEREWOLF for a cup of tea

Now that I am 93 I’m getting on a bit

Now I have to use a frame and not a walking stick

All these things I have not seen but one thing I have found

Is TRUE LOVE abound

This love I have spread far and wide

With family and friends, I share alike

So now I need a VAMPIRE to bite me on the neck

So I can live forever and give you all loads of heck!


“Please Michael Can We Have…”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home

Mary looked out the window one day, because she is a nosey parker

She saw a man walking by with a puppy and a llama

And she declared loud and clear, “one of them we do need

Come on Michael”, we do plead!

In the garden we could keep, a rabbit and a flock of sheep

I’m sure they could be spared by little Bo Peep!

Maybe a billy goat, who wears a top hat and a coat

Who eats the grass and keeps it trim, that is why he keeps so slim!

A duck pond Michael you can dig, big enough for fish and a pig

If the weather turns too foul, we will fill it and buy a snail

Joanie wants a “puddy” cat, to sit upon her cosy lap

Daphne wants a crocodile, if only it would learn to smile

A spider in a corner I do see, that’s the only pet for me

Until the cleaner Diana walks on by and gives it a whack in the eye!

So, it’s off down the hall I go, trying not to fall

To put my suggestion in the box, hanging on the wall

Michael, buying next door you must do, Aveley Lodge is now a Zoo!


“I’ve Got To Stay On Blighty”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home

We have to stay in Blighty

Where the cliffs are tall and white

Hiking high and mighty

Then we will have a bite

Our caravan we did tow

Into the forest we would go

We weren’t that lucky to have a loo,

so a bucket had to do!

We also went to Yorkshire

Where the puddings are fine and fare

We stopped off for a cuppa

Tea for two to share

We always pop to Bournemouth

Where the weather is always fine

Pamela and her Sidney

Always had a good time


“A Covid Christmas”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home

Does it really matter if I’ve been good this year?

I’ve sent my letter to Santa whilst drinking a glass of beer.

I put up my Christmas tree with presents all around

Its such a shame my family cannot come round.

I haven’t been out shopping, a panto I haven’t seen.

My poor Christmas dinner is looking rather lean.

I’ll sing some Christmas Carols, this will cheer me up

Maybe a glass of eggnog, on it I will sup.

I’ll pull a Christmas cracker and wear my funny hat

Now I think we ought to leave it there and let that be that!

Happy Xmas

“Valentines at Aveley Lodge”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home

This Valentines I’m stuck at home

Although I am not alone

Family can call on the ‘phone

We can have a good old moan!

My family I do miss

As well as having a hug and a kiss

Covid testing is being done

Although that is not much fun

I had my COVID vaccination,

let’s hope this will all clear

Then I will get to see my loved ones

At least sometime this year!

Once the doors are open

Let them all flood in

We will rush to hug and kiss them

And welcome them all back in


“Our Covid Memorial Poem”

By the Residents Poetry Club at Aveley Lodge Care Home

As we remember our absent friends,

Those we miss have no end.

We think of times we’ve had lots of fun,

Frolics and laughter in the sun.


Time has healed our wounded hearts,

Now we are moving out of the dark.

We’re looking forward to brighter days,

As we wave Covid away.